About Biogreen

About Biogreen

In year 2000, we began to develop and advance wastewater treatment technologies such as Fenton, UASB and all wastewater treatment related equipment, chemicals, etc. 

In year 2004, we became strategic partner of Novozymes in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia in the field of biotechnology for wastewater treatment. 

Our clients are spread over various kind of industries, including electronics industry chemical industry, pulp and paper, pharmacy, leather, textile and dyeing industry, electronic and photoelectric, food industry, and many more. 

The Treatment Solutions we provide

Wastewater Treatment Solution

Our service comprise whole waste water treatment process (including pretreatment process, biological treatment process, tertiary treatment process, etc.) starts from project planning and design → construction and supervision → test run and commissioning. 

Bioaugmentation for Wastewater Treatment

Bioaugmentation Technology:Beneficial Microbes + Comprehensive optimization in Wastewater Treatment System (Improvement of COD, Ammonia and Total Nitrogen Removal Efficiency).