Enzyme Products

Product Description

Novozymes is the world’s largest manufacturer of enzyme additive technology products; their specialty product bio-additives are used in industrial wastewater – it is produced from a mixture of various enzymes . This product uses enzymes from a particular type of organic matter with different decomposition ability it is produce thru filtration and purification. Such organic compounds include phenol, straight key and cyclic hydrocarbons; where Methacrylates, Nitrile; cyanide will be the material, along with alcohols, lotions, organic amines, Heterocyeles, Ethoxylated phenol , wax, and etc. The scope of application covers the following:

  1. All types of industrial wastewater
  2. Various municipal wastewater
  3. Various office, and home wastewater
  4. Lakes, rivers, etc
  5. Aquaculture water

Bio-addictive Function

  1. Launching of a new system (yield species).
  2. To improve the BOD, COD removal rate.
  3. To improve the heterogeneity of toxic chemical substances and organic matter removal.
  4. To remove the bad smell, such as hydrogen sulphide.
  5. To improve the fat removal from animal or petrochemical sources.
  6. To reduce foaming.
  7. To reduce the amount of aeration. Thus, improving the oxygen transport rate.
  8. To resolve ventilation and aerobic systems of the moss problem.
  9. Disposal of toxic substances, pollution spills, or sediment surface.
  10. To improve the sedimentation effect and control of the sludge age.
  11. Sludge reduction.
  12. In addition, it will either reduce to amines or enhanced nitrification.

Addictive Model Application

Industrial wastewater with additives
Product descriptionUsageAgents
Novozymes BioRemove 2500Phenol & related compoundsSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 3250Food processing & FOGSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 5400SurfactantSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 1150Pulp & PapperSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 5150General-chemicalsSolid
Novozymes Toler-X5100Cold weather BODSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 2350Be used in solid-state hydrocarbon petroleumSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 5805Nitrification liquid concentrateLiquid concentrate
Novozymes BioRemove 5600To remove refractory substancesSolid
Novozymes NovoNoxDenitrification in anoxic systemSolid
Novozymes BioRemove 1650To be used in wastewater of pulp millSolid
Biogreen GT2250Pulp & PapperSolid
Biogreen GT2280General-chemicalsSolid
Biogreen GT1250Pulp & PapperSolid