Factory D
A chemical plant produces various hair products. The design flowchart is 10 m3/day. The discharge water contains large surfactant. The main pollutants are COD and SS. Due to the products are MTO (make to order), the quality of incoming water fluctuates greatly. The volume of sludge is low and the impact resistance is terrible in the biological system makes the COD and S.S. of biological effluent is high. In order to improve the tolerance of resistance impact of bio-system and stabilize the quality of effluent. The plant added Novozymes BioRemove 5150 and BioActivator GT8850 to cultivate dominant bacteria and improve the sludge activity. After a week of Bioaugmentation and long keeping dosing. The biological sludge increased from 3,000 mg/L to about 6,500 mg/L. The VSS/SS increased from 0.5 to 0.63. The removal of COD increased from 90% to 95%. The tolerance of resistance impact of the biological system is improved and maintaining the addition of BioActivator GT8850 at the same time, in order to improve the sludge constitution and the sludge sedimentation. The S.S of supernatant decreases 43.8%. The effluent quality is stable and below the discharge standard.