Factory H
Types of wastewater is washing wastewater and protein wastewater from a plant which produces cassava starch. The capacity is 3,000 m3/day. The main pollutants are COD, Ammonia Nitrogen and Total Nitrogen. Due to the reason of seasonal production, the high inflow loading causes the outflow water is easily to exceed the standard while mass production in a short time. In order to enable the biological system to start rapidly and build a biological system to degrade COD, Ammonia Nitrogen and Total Nitrogen, and the discharge water can reach the standard. The plant added Novozymes BioRemove 5150, Novozymes BioRemove 5805 and Novozymes NovoNox to cultivate dominant bacteria. After adding Novozymes NovoNox, the removal capacity of Nitrogen is enhanced. The average removal rate of T-N increased from 45.5% to 67%. After adding Novozymes BioRemove 5150, it increases the concentration of effective sludge in the biological system. The resistance impact load of inlet water improves and the effluent COD decreases steadily. The average removal rate of COD increased from 84.4% to 92.2%. After adding Novozymes BioRemove 5805, the capacity of Nitrification enhances in the biological system. The Ammonia Nitrogen of effluent can reach the 0~0.5 mg/L effect.