Factory F
A semiconductor technology factory mainly manufactures polarizer. The capacity is 750 m3/day. The produced wastewater mainly contains pollutions such as PVA and glycerin. Due to the old sludge in the biological system, the sludge impact resistance capacity is reduced by inflow water. The microorganism is easy to produce Extracellular Polymer Substances (EPS) due to impact of inlet water loading, making the MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor Technology) is easy to clog. Leading the recycled water flowrate reduced and the quality of effluent fluctuated greatly. To establish the biological system with impact resistance and high removal rate of organic matter. The factory added Novozymes BioRemove 5150 to cultivate dominant bacteria. After a month of Bioaugmentation and routine addition, the VSS/SS in biological system increased from 0.72 to 0.9. The average COD removal rate of biological system increased from 78% to 91.7%. Due to the capacity of sludge impact resistance is increased by inflow water, and the amount of EPS produced by microorganisms is effectively reduced, which greatly improved the MBR clogging situation and increased the amount of recycled water.